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"Life Design: A 7 Day Blueprint to Personal Empowerment has been just another reminder that it’s never too late to redesign your path."

     - Lori Dexter, member since 2008

"Lara has been a powerful example of how to live well—with courage, gratitude, and integrity—for me for over 7 years. Her teachings in classes, workshops, and in her remarkable book help me on a daily basis. Lara's genius as a teacher lies in her willingness to be an eternal student and the fact that she actually lives her teachings. I am blessed to call Lara both a mentor and a friend."

     -Lynn Braz, Author of Flying Free and Professor, Literature and Writing

I just wanted to share with everyone my experience with The 7 Centers of Personal Power Challenge. In taking this course I was reconnected with my love of crafting and creating things with my own hands.  It wasn't until I took this course that I realized "I can" challenge myself more to create and SHARE my creations.

So I decided to expand on that love and take it step farther by starting up a new business of making jewelry.

I am continuing to learn, as this has put my normal quiet shy self out there, but it's so exciting to have the courage to overcome these challenges with what I received from this course.

Thank you Lara for your insight and challenges! 

     -Sandy Torrisi  

I am really enjoying this course (The 7 Centers of Personal Power Challenge)...the content is relevant and you deliver it in a way that certainly keeps my interest - even later in the evening when I am tired!!

The balance of the video and the worksheets are perfect - I am more of a listener myself, but I like the brief worksheet that drives what you say home. 

I cannot think of a thing that I dislike or that I think you should change as far as this course goes. 

Thank you! 

     - Lori T.  

"I have been practicing with Lara Alexiou since January 10th, 2012. That day has forever changed my life….

Lara is a beautiful teacher, studio owner, and mentor. She has taught me so much. The knowledge that I have gained through her mentorship is unparalleled. Lara has trained me in yoga, qigong, and


She has taught me about mindfulness, concentration, and determination. She has shown me how to turn inward; self- study, self-healing, self-love & compassion. Lara has revealed to me how

to live a life that is pure, nonviolent, truthful, and modest.

When I began my Journey with yoga I didn’t know I was going to learn so much from one person. Lara helped me learn how yoga isn’t just an exercise, it is a lifestyle choice. An opportunity for me to change my life for the better.

I hope, that you too will have a unique experience like I had when I first started my journey with Lara. She is an amazing spirit. She will lift you up when you need it most, never judging, always accepting."

     - Stephanie Waters, member since 2012

"I like relating my life to the Elements. They make life easy to understand. When something is not just right…I look back on all my educational materials. I can easily identify issues and find ways to pick just one little thing to work on."

     -Danielle Bianchi, member since 2017

"It helped me get more clarity about what I need to do to better life my purpose-driven life. Now, I have more concrete steps to get me closer to my goals.

The time sheet/allocation grid is great! I definitely will use this tool! Thank you!

I would recommend Life Design: A 7 Day Blueprint to Personal Empowerment to others, no matter where they are in their journey."

     -Lori Singer Sarafinco, member since 2014

"This! This is what I need - somehow understanding that this is key to “wholeness” as I grow older."

- Dave Zag, member since 2015

"I liked the workbook and how it was broken down into simple manageable steps."

     - Cheryl Zondlo, member since 2010

"Life Design: A 7 Day Blueprint to Personal Empowerment helped me connect the dots with what I’ve been dealing with. Thank you for helping me make this observation."

     - Amanda Rogan, member since 2018

"Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a wonderful environment!"

     - Kelly Klein, member since 2014

"It is like a blueprint on how to run your life. So enlightening…would recommend it to anyone who is looking to grow and improve."

     - John Laboranti, member since 2011

"Tao Life Design: A 7 Day Blueprint to Personal Empowerment gave me some useful and practical information that has empowered me to make positive changes in my life.

Lara is sincere and well spoken and has a great delivery."

     - Michelle Rogan, member since 2012



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