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Can we get real about yoga for a moment?

We’ve all felt it: the glow, the confidence, the challenge, the self discovery…

…and then class is over, final savasana comes to a close and like a dream, all the best intentions to stay present have vanished the moment you roll up your mat, look at your phone, and rejoin the rest of the world!

What if you could keep that glow just a little bit longer before it started to fade?

What if you could easily and effectively translate and apply every lesson your practice revealed to you and then seamlessly apply it to your modern lifestyle — without shirking your daily responsibilities, isolating yourself from fast-paced modern living, or making choices that conflict with your intuition?

I’ve not only asked myself all of these questions, I’ve dedicated over 15 years to translate the lessons from the mat and modernize them into easy, effective lessons yoga practitioners of all levels — from the beginner to the advanced student or teacher — can use to build a lifestyle that aligns with what they love most about their practice.

My Background:

I fell in love with yoga as a new years resolution back in 2001. I loved that I didn’t need to be “good” at it for it to work. I opened Steamtown Yoga in 2007.

In 2012, I started offering yoga retreats to deepen the community, immersion, and experience aspect of a yoga practice for our students and beyond, and that has become my passion.

I've trained and certified in Bikram Yoga, Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa, Zen Wellness Qigong (pronounced chee-gong, based on TCM and the traditional Chinese 5 Elements), completing 10,000 hours of study and practice. 

My Methods:

Since 2007, through my award-winning yoga studio, Steamtown Yoga, I’ve trained professional athletes, federal agents, political figures, and C-Suite Professionals to maximize their energy, recover from injuries, and find solace from the daily grind of inauthenticity and disconnection of body, mind, and spirit, that brings burnout, self-doubt, exhaustion, and dulls life’s true beauty, moving you away from your best self.

My book, Become the Architect of Your Body, Mind, and Soul, was a featured item in the Yogi Surprise lifestyle subscription box. I’ve been on podcasts and interviews sharing tools for transformation including the C-Suite Network, Stepping into the Light Podcast, Awake to Oneness Radio, and Mindbody Radio.

My wellness articles have appeared in Travel to Wellness, Creativity Magazine, Scottsdale Health, Lifezette, and First for Women Magazine.

Since 2012, I've hosted International Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Adventure Retreats in Greece and Costa Rica, and live workshops for the Yoga Studio Network in Costa Rica, Mindbody BOLD in California, and online webinars for Yoga Alliance. In 2018, Mindbody recognized me as a Visionary. 

My Vision:

My site contains a taste of easy and effective free trainings that will help you translate the lessons learned on the yoga mat and implement them effortlessly into your day.

Keep your “yoga glow” vibe shining all day long without retreating from your daily responsibilities, compromising your intuition, or isolating yourself from the fast-paced choices our modern, connected world demands.   

Instead, learn to use these lessons to forge strong friendships, intimate relationships, and make a difference in the world through meaningful work and a high-vibe mindset. 

If you want your yoga practice to reach the next level so you shine brighter in all areas of your life, then you’re in the right place!

Be sure to click the button at the top of the homepage and tell me where to send your free toolkit to get started or schedule a call with me here to really dive into advanced programing.

My clients experience how to meld the personal truth revealed to them through their yoga practice into their modern lifestyles. I help them harmonize the mind/body/spirit relationship inside their hectic days, real-time relationships, and everyday responsibilities.

To work more deeply with me, I have online programs, small group masterminds, private coaching coaching and transformational Yoga Adventure Retreats across the globe.

I look forward to all of your success, on the yoga mat and in your life! Let’s get started!

Lara Alexiou


I am available for contributing articles, expert interviews, to provide quotes, and lead workshops (live or online) on empowerment, healthy lifestyle management, women in business, yoga, qigong, meditation, and more.

Let's chat! Please contact my team at [email protected] with your request.



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