My Story:

Have you ever felt restless? Outwardly life looks good... but inwardly something feels empty, missing, incomplete?

I’ve remember feeling exactly this way not long ago.

I felt out of touch with my authenticity, a little bored in my day-to-day, but I didn’t know exactly what was missing or how to fix it. I just knew I wanted more…to be more, to give more, to live more…

At age 25, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis. Overnight, I became scared, disempowered, and worried that being myself was no longer good enough.

I tried all the usual stuff…yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. I completed hours of certification and mentorships in yoga, meditation, Taoist Healing Arts, and every Eastern methodology and philosophy I could find.

And this brought me great success on many levels, but I still craved more, a deep authenticity in my life to passionately connect to deepest myself, to the people in my life, and with my daily work.

Luckily, I figured it out!

I’ve developed the system I live by each day, the tools and lessons that empowered me to reclaimed my health from MS, connect in a loving relationship, and find personal and professional fulfillment and abundance helping others do the same.

If you’re also continuously seeking a higher vibe, that next level, a lifestyle filled with authenticity, meaning, purpose, and passion, I’m glad you found me!

I’m here to share my proven system on how to reignite your presence, purpose, and passion!

I want you to become that role model for your own self, your kids, your best friends, and all of you peers. 

Instead of chasing opportunities, I want you to learn how to effortlessly attract the high vibe people, relationships, and experiences you deserve. 

I want you to finally live energized, free to be yourself, not exhausted, struggling to keep up appearances.

I know this is all possible for you, because I made it happen for myself. Once I was able to set my compass on course to be shamelessly authentic, my whole life transformed.

My Background:

Since 2007, through my award-winning yoga studio, Steamtown Yoga, I’ve trained professional athletes, federal agents, political figures, and C-Suite Professionals to maximize their energy, recover from injuries, and find solace from the daily grind of inauthenticity that brings burnout, self-doubt, exhaustion, and dulls life’s true beauty, moving you away from your best self.

My book, Become the Architect of Your Body, Mind, and Soul, was a featured item in the Yogi Surprise lifestyle subscription box. I’ve been on podcasts and interviews sharing tools for transformation including the C-Suite Network, Stepping into the Light Podcast, Awake to Oneness Radio, and Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast.

My wellness articles have appeared in Travel to Wellness, Creativity Magazine, Scottsdale Health, Lifezette, and First for Women Magazine.

I’ve taught live workshops for the Yoga Studio Network in Costa Rica and online webinars for Yoga Alliance. 

My Vision:

If you’re ready to embrace your integrity and reignite your presence, purpose, and passion, you’re in the right place.

If you are tired of an existence of reality TV, forced conversations, bored with the expectations of your daily roles, and excited to return to a high vibe lifestyle, free from burnout, liberated from other peoples petty problems, then you are in the right place.

My site contains a taste of easy and effective free trainings that will help you reignite you authenticity no matter what life throws you, wake you up to your unique purpose, and infuse your day with passion again. (Be sure click the button at the top of the homepage and tell me where to send your free toolkit to get started.)

To work more deeply with me, I have online programs and small group masterminds and private coaching coaching opportunities that open up for enrollment throughout the year.

My next mastermind programs begin this summer. Email my team at [email protected] for an application. 

Reignite your presence, purpose, and passion and start changing your world!

- Lara Alexiou



I am available for contributing articles, expert interviews, to provide quotes, and lead workshops (live or online) on empowerment, healthy lifestyle management, women in business, yoga, qigong, meditation, and more.

Let's chat! Please contact my team at [email protected] with your request.


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