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Have you ever felt disempowered and uncreative?

Like you are waiting for life to begin, or for your problems to disappear, so you can start connecting into your real life purpose?

Me too! Just like you, I used to struggle with the roles life handed me and I lacked the courage and direction to reinvent myself.

At age 25, I was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Multiple Sclerosis. Overnight, I became scared, disempowered, and worried I’d never be able to manifest in the world what was in my heart. 

I tried all the usual stuff…yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.

You see, the reason those things don’t usually work is no clarity of goals, no step-by-step processes to form positive daily habits, and no accountably or support to stay on track when life hits you with those inevitable and unforeseeable obstacles. 

For me personally, I need clear direction on how to embrace the life purpose in my heart and courageously transform it into the reality of my day. 

I eventually discovered, after seeking hours of certifications and mentorships in yoga, meditation, Taoist wisdom, and every Eastern Healing Art I could find, that I had gathered all the knowledge necessary to unlock my creativity and potential. Now what I needed was the courage and direction to implement these teachings in my hectic, modern life.

I set to work designing my CREATE Method. It’s a step-by-step process that helps you get clarity on the fulfilling life you want, combined with the right daily action items you must take to reach your highest potential.

Once I was able to accomplish this, my life changed from reacting to the struggles that came way, to creating what I really wanted and deserved. 

In fact, I’ve dedicated my live to studying the Eastern Healing Arts and helping others employ these ancient doctrines in modern life to unlock personal power and potential.

I’ve had my award-winning yoga studio, Steamtown Yoga since 2007. My book, Become the Architect of Your Body, Mind, and Soul, was a featured item in the Yogi Surprise lifestyle subscription box and I’ve been on podcasts and interviews sharing tools for transformation on the C-Suite Network, Stepping into the Light Podcast, Awake to Oneness Radio, and Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast. My wellness articles have appeared in Travel to Wellness, Creativity Magazine, Scottsdale Health, and Lifezette. I’ve taught live workshops for the Yoga Studio Network in Costa Rica and online webinars for Yoga Alliance.    

If you’re ready to finally release your fears and transform your life the right way, then I promise you’ll find my teachings extremely helpful…

I have some easy and effective free trainings that will help you step into your courageous spirit and hit the next level of fulfillment. Just click the button at the top of the homepage of my site and you tell me where to send your free training.

Deal? It’s my mission to pass on my knowledge so you don’t waste any more time living uninspired and disempowered.

Get your free training now, and start creating your abundant, joyful life today!

- Lara Alexiou


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