Stop Wasting Time on How to be Happy

happy Jan 10, 2019

Close your eyes and visualize happiness...

What do you see?

Does it take the form of money, a person, a relationship, a job, or good health? You may have all of these things and still feel unhappy. Others have none of these and yet radiate joy. How can this be?

Step into your courage with a different approach to happiness. Stop wasting time seeking a face outside of your own to bring in fulfillment. When happiness is a moving target in your life, like a job, a vacation, or a person, you will forever be seeking and unfulfilled. Start cultivating habits of self worth and personal empowerment instead!

Here are a few of my particular favorites:

1. Limit your social media usage.

Sure, social media platforms suck time, but unchecked, they can also sap self-worth. Social media posts only show one side of a situation and it’s often the most beautiful, profitable, and desirable side. As a result, you subconsciously compare yourself negatively against others and are potentially left...

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