How to Manage Anxiety With the 1-10 Method

My first intimate encounter with Anxiety, which remains clearly etched in my memory, occurred shortly before my 26th birthday. I sat with my mother in the doctor’s office waiting room after completing a neurological consultation and awaiting further testing. Turning to me, my mother’s voice was gentle, “Do you want to know what we think it is?” My father, a physician aware of my symptoms, had previously volunteered no diagnosis.

Before the words, “You have Multiple Sclerosis” finished crossing her lips, tears poured from my eyes. That very moment, Anxiety rushed at me and took firm hold.

These early days of our relationship, when Anxiety first barged into my life, every encounter brought shortness of breath and uncontrollable sobs. Anxiety, pushy and socially inept, ignored my distress and plunged ahead, brazenly spending the night, uninvited, refusing to let me sleep and draining me of all passion, confidence, and motivation.


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How to Manage Anxiety in Five Simple Steps

anxiety Jan 10, 2019

Supportive family, interesting friends, a thriving career, fulfilling relationships, plus a smattering of enriching outside interests are socially accepted as indicators of success and fulfillment...

Outwardly, attain any one of these, and we appear as a thriving individual, living a life rich with opportunity and community.

But inwardly, a secret shame hides in the shadows for so many of us, smothering our courage and trampling our dreams.

That lurking unwanted guest is anxiety.

Feeling overwhelmed robs us of the joys of an abundant life. Like a floodlight, it blinds us with its intensity, halting us mid-step. Couple this paralysis in keeping up the appearance of success and daily life loses its ease and magic. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to live with the glare of anxiety anymore and the solution is simple: turn the light around.

Taoist Wisdom, the teachings borne from an ancient lineage of Eastern healers, devised the solution to authentic living thousands of years...

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