Three Surprise Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

This is it! After a year of planning, my upcoming Know Thyself: Odyssey to Delphi Yoga Retreat is finally here! 

Why are yoga retreats so popular?

Everyone attends for different reasons, but after hosting seven international yoga retreats in as many years, allow me to offer insight on three awesome and unexpected gains you'll receive:  

A New Kind of Freedom:

Aladdin was on to something when he scooped up the princess and whisked her away on that magic carpet!

The senses require fresh stimuli in order to produce new ideas, feelings, and solutions. Same input = same output.

The first image of the earth from space changed the world forever becasue it provided a bigger picture of humankind, possibility, potential, and awareness. (Google overview effect or earth rise for more on this.)

On a smaller scale, a yoga retreat can do this same thing.

I've yet to find a magic carpet and really, how many of us will ever make it to outer-space?!? We need to work with what's available and yoga retreats are much more accessible!

Free yourself with a new perspective. 

Easier Goodbyes:

I been here and I bet you have too: trapped inside the illusion that I can't live without that person, relationship, job, food, or even a particular concept of my physical health. 

Clinging to these illusions destroys confidence yet they are so hard to release.

Seeking outside validation for innate and priceless self-worth is madness.  

If you are finally ready to release these limiting beliefs, a yoga retreat can help.  

Mindset patterns are extremely difficult to break inside the regular day-to-day, no matter how sincere the intentions to do so may be.

Plop yourself in a different environment and suddenly letting go of old ideas becomes easy.

Like it or not, we are all products of our environment. This is a blessing when applied to self-sabotaging tendencies.

Since old habits rarely work in new places, stepping into that "whole new world" can effortlessly release the strangle hold of past patterns. 

Plus the physical practice of daily asana helps shed toxic energies more effectively on every level. 

An Intention-filled Sunrise:

But remember that releasing old patterns and mindsets leaves a void that longs to be filled and seeks an immediate replacement. 

With a little bit of mindfulness, you can curate exactly how to fill this newly emptied vessel of self. Give yourself the gift of what I like to call an intention-filled sunrise. Fill the void with self-discovery. 

Finding a new place on your personal road map, literally or emotionally, stretches the very boundaries of the psyche. 

The external process of navigating new terrain, wearing new clothes (becasue we all buy a new garment or two before traipsing off into the unknown), eating different foods, speaking a different language, and absorbing a different culture prompts internal transformation and self-discovery.

They go hand in hand, two sides of the same coin. 

I'll be sharing the Odyssey this week on Instagram. Join me virtually if you can't physically! And here are the details on the spring retreat adventure, Relax, Revive, and Thrive

BONUS: 🙈Watch below my pathetic true story of why I started leading yoga retreats in the first place...I share because I don't want you to make the same stupid decision I did! 

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