Mid-Year Reset: Revisit Your Word For The Year.

July 4th fireworks are over and so is the first half of the year.

Do you remember your outlook from January? Did you have a vision for how you hoped the year would unfold?

I’m not big on “resolutions” for the new year, but I do enjoy a “word” for the year. I choose a word that encompasses a feeling I want the year to embody as a whole or a direction I want to move toward. 

A word, instead of a resolution, allows more wiggle room for manifestation.

A clear goal with precise action steps is great, but sometimes tunnel vision of specifics blinds out additional opportunities that can yield the same (or better) results by a different course.

In Sun Tzu’s classic text, The Art of War, he teaches that only a foolish general goes into battle without a plan, but a general who sticks to the plan while in battle is equally foolish.

In a similar sense, I’ve learned that goals and methods are continually in flux and often resources appear and opportunities present themselves that I could never have imagined within my initial planning process. Being willing to modify the course and stay open to unseen opportunities is how many amazing experiences come to pass. Chart the course, but accept that detours are inevitable! Leave the door open for the unexpected.

Your “word” can help guide you toward a new path when the road ahead looks closed.

It forges an emotional connection to a choice which is a more powerful motivator than a practical reason. 

My 2019 word is collaborate and I’m sticking with it for the rest of the year.

It’s guided me to create new relationships, to reach more people, and inspired me to level-up everything I do because two heads really are better than one. This word has driven me to learn, grow, and seek inspiration outside of my conventional and comfortable channels. I’m better for it and so are the people in my life. 

Professionally, “collaboration” opened up teaching and travel opportunities, like last January’s trip to Costa Rica guest teaching for The Yoga Studio Network. And — spoiler alert — we’re doing it again in March, this time bigger and better! (details on this Yoga Retreat Adventure will be out in August!)

Personally, it’s strengthened my family relationships all around, culminating in a September trip to Greece where my parents will finally meet my extended Greek in-laws. This is an adventure my family has been talking about for 7 years, and now it’s finally happening.

A resolution alone never had such an all encompassing effect on my life.

How about you? If you never set a word for the year, or if it doesn’t speak to you anymore, pick a new one!

Choose a word that guides you to make choices that feed your authenticity, empower your self-worth, challenge you to grow, and surround you with people who support your creative self-expression.

A lot can happen in the next six months. Let your world awaken your soul-fire and make some magic in the months to come!


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