The Value of Sweating the Small Stuff

This week I challenge you to sweat the small stuff.

I’m not asking you to dive into super control freak mode and make yourself crazy over every small decision in your life. I am asking you to notice the small victories in your day and find joy in simplicity. What better time to “stop and smell the flowers” then now, when the first signs of spring have finally appeared?

Life’s big choices take up the most headspace, get the most talk-time and forethought, and I mostly agree this… But I find too often the weighty decisions we make for our relationships, family, and careers unfairly elbow out the smaller daily decisions which, when combined, actually take up a very large portion of the day, and therefore can have a profound effect on happiness and productivity.

As an admitted perfectionist and high anxiety gal, the last thing I need is to overthink brewing coffee, brushing my teeth, or planning a meal. But finding simple pleasure in the ordinary enriches my day and transforms the mundane from dreary to desirable.  

Here are three takeaways on how “sweating the small stuff” can improve your daily life.

1. You’ll save time. 

Attention to detail makes you more organized so you spend less time to get yourself ready for work, your kids off to school, or even to prep a healthy meal.

A well thought out grocery list means you’ve planned out your meals in advance and know exactly what you need. A trip to the grocery store takes less time when you know what isles to hit and you are working off a list.

A thoughtfully packed school bag or purse saves time looking for permission slips, homework, and lip gloss.

Even the right “to-go” mug, the kind that won’t leak or drip, saves headaches from searching for and cleaning up those coffee spills on your favorite outfit before a big meeting. Plus using a favorite mug can bring a smile to your lips with every sip and start your day on a positive note, whether its holding coffee, tea, juice, or water. In my household hold, we hold firm that the coffee actually "tastes better" when sipped from a well-loved specialty mug.

2. Your self-worth will increase. 

You determine how much care and attention an activity is worth to you.

Any job well-done, deserves acknowledgment. It may not win you an award or get you a raise today, but add up the small accomplishments and you get a huge win —  good habits.

Training yourself to do the small things well will hone in your focus, expectation, and work ethic for higher productivity, more efficiency, and greater pride in your own accomplishment. When that big opportunity does comes your way, you will already be conditioned to succeed.

3. You’ll discover hidden beauty in yourself, other people, and life itself.

When you rush through a meal, and you never really savor the taste. Rush through a conversation, and you overlook the ripe emotions between each word. Even chores can have a moment in the sun. You spent time picking out those dishes, sheets and the shampoo to wash your hair. Something about the color, texture, or scent appealed to you enough to buy them and use them every day. Allow yourself to remember what that was and savor the joy.

“Sweating the small stuff” encourages you to slow down which allows all of your your sensory organs time to read and absorb a situation. A life unnoticed is a life unappreciated and undervalued.

Take one week to sweat the small stuff.

Simply add care and presence, not anxiety or expectation, to what you do.

Give your full attention to making coffee, doing the dishes, the laundry, washing your hands, and folding your children clothes. Allow these mundane tasks to reveal their secrets and rediscover your own personal power in the process.

If you need help prioritizing your day, check out The 7 Centers of Personal Power Challenge. 

Life is the small stuff. Make each moment count!

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