Feeling Stuck in Your Career? 3 Unconventional Ways to Get Motivated

Another Monday unfolds, eclipsing the weekend’s adventures and replacing them with meetings, memos and morning commutes. What happened to your power career? The glamour job where waking up each morning was exciting, the office dress code was fashionista, and every decision you made helped to make the world a better place?

Somewhere along the way, did monotony and complacency flood in, drowning out the motivation for each new work day?

Let Albert Einstein’s famous quote remind you that “nothing happens until something moves.” Here are three unconventional ways to get moving and find a new perspective on yourself, your workday, and reignite your motivation.

1. Get Scared. 

Generating momentum to move out of a current situation, however unsatisfying, is nearly impossible without confidence. And often the more disheartening the circumstance, plus the longer you’ve been sedentary with it, the less confidence you have.

Embracing Creative Challenge, one of your 7 Centers of Personal Power, and scaring yourself right out of your comfort zone, may be exactly what you need to stir up your inertia and start moving forward.

Here’s the challenge: What scares you? What do you consider yourself “bad” at doing? What can push you to succeed? 

Making art? Great! Find an art class and put your work on display all over social media at the end of the class. (Those art and wine nights are everywhere these days!) Cooking? Invite your best friend over and make a meal from a new recipe you’ve never tried before. Public speaking? Time to start speaking up at those weekly staff meeting and school PTO conferences. Scared of being alone? Take yourself on a date to the coffee shop and leave your phone and laptop at home. 

Stepping into your fears by accomplishing the uncomfortable or frightful shatters the glue of monotony and limiting beliefs. Small and seemingly silly or unimportant victories condition you to grow comfortable with discomfort, and endure until you succeed. The lasting result is a hard borne confidence that carries over into all areas of life, preparing you for more weighty opportunities.

With your confidence reignited, formerly daunting career opportunities suddenly take on a new sheen of enticement.

Office relationships that were previously draining become less prickly when you stand confidently behind your decisions and work caliber.

Confidence shifts perceptive, providing the necessary fuel to stimulate a new adventure, or breath life into a dull workday. With a fresh morning cup of confidence, you step into the office willing to risk failure, yet believing in your ability to succeed.

2. Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Boundaries. 

Anyone into yoga will happily tell you that yoga is a pretty solid fix for just about anything that ails you. A tall order for sure, but there is huge benefit to moving and stretching, whether from yoga or other activities, that have far-reaching benefits into the workplace. Look at all the incentives for workplace wellness to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Physical transformation like successfully manifesting previously impossible feats like touching your toes, bending backwards, or balancing on one leg, redefines what you believe is possible for yourself and breaks down limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in unenthusiastic, but comfortable, situations.

You unlock creativity through movement which a monotonous daily routine inside your work day stifles.

Creativity stimulates growth, whether on the yoga mat or in the cubicle. If you want to advance your career, you must be creative enough to conceive and initiate new possibilities. You must be willing to stretch.

3. Go Within.

Even backed by an overflow of confidence, the most creative intentions will not manifest without energy. Momentum demands an energetic push on your part to gain velocity. Many find defeat at this point because you seek outwardly for the inspiration to propel you forward.

Whenever you rely on an outside source for inspiration, eventually, that wellspring disappears. Vacations end, payday bonuses get spent, and even a shiny new office eventually dulls.

Inward reflection, mindfulness, and meditation, recharge from the inside, an honest celebration of self, regardless of your outside circumstances. When you feel worthy, confident, and excited because of who you are, you become your own source of inspiration. 

Confidence, creativity, and inspiration are all required to transform your career path. Go within, embrace what scares you, and stretch your boundaries. A dose of Creative Challenge is the fuel to energize you forward in your career and in life. 

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