Mastermind for Presence, Purpose, and Passion

I just returned from a three day Mastermind Retreat in CA.

Up to three times a year I leave the comfort of the my own space and travel to connect with other people just like me — I have a mastermind group for online business owners looking to scale, a group for yoga studio owners seeking inspiration and support in running their businesses and I am forming a group that starts this summer for my clients who want to work inside an intimate group with me and other like minded people facing the same daily struggles and looking to live with more presence, purpose and passion. 

In a world of social media where we can connect instantly with others across the world and make a new friend at the click of a thumbs up sign, I believe people are actually becoming more isolated.

I admit that I often feel alone and disconnected which is why I gravitate toward working in smaller groups. I like to really know a person, past the surface of socially acceptable answers and get deep into the heart of the true feelings, worries, and dreams that make a person tick.

I challenge myself to keep my interactions authentic and connect to others past the surface level of how life looks on the outside to reveal instead the truth of how people really live: the struggles, the joys, dreams, and desires.

I challenge myself to be vulnerable and share my own feelings and situations honestly with all the beauty and flaws in plain site. Although this takes me outside my comfort zone because people are more accustomed to safe, surface interactions, I’ve experienced that the more I am fearlessly myself, the more others are inspired to drop their own defenses of inauthenticity.

Masterminds and focus groups provide this type of safe space where true healing, connection, and friendships can thrive.   

In your own life, a “mastermind” can show up as easily as a small group of friends with whom you feel totally yourself.

The popularity of events like “girls weekend” (my college roommates and I have kept up our annual weekends for 18 years!) point to the importance of setting up immersion time with the people with whom we are free to shed expectations, fear of rejection, and can talk, listen, and unwind fearlessly.

When you can set up these situation for the many different roles in your life like personal, business, and any other area you need extra support, like maybe parenting or health (I attended a monthly MS peer group meetup or the first 5 years of my diagnosis and it was a life-saver), you’ll feel less isolated and more invested in your life.

You’ll have people to call in difficult times, plus you’ll be that personal anchor for someone else, which is endlessly rewarding.

To learn more about my summer focus group now forming, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll get you the info.

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