Drink Water, Save Relationship, Save the Day

I love being married. But I also love my precious alone time, always getting my way, and having everything I want! Where is the compromise in that!?!?! 

Through seven years of marriage, plus working together everyday, here is the trick that saves us daily and the Taoist medicine behind it: 

A glass of water. 

Stay with me here - I know the suggestion to drink more water is not news, but let me offer you the reason behind it, so you can gain new insight on why this is and how to implement this to your benefit. 

In the Taoist Chinese Five Elements, every body part and all emotions are categorized into one of the Chinese Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. 

When you feel and look your best, physically and emotionally, each of these Elements are aligned with the others and working in balanced harmony. When don't feel or look your best, somewhere within your Elemental nature an imbalance is lurking.

Each Element has the power to nourish, balance, or starve a sister Element.

Water balances the Wood Element, which controls your emotions of anger and irritability. A depletion in your Water Element allows excess in your Wood Element to rise up and take over.

In plain words, dehydration causes irritability and is the likely culprit behind that bad mood.

Both my husband and I know this. To keep the peace when a simple verbal exchange escalates toward heated discussion, he sneaks into  the conversation, "Why don't you have a glass of water?" 

This simple non-threatening suggestion clues me in that I am communicating more aggressively than I realize. Or to use his words, I'm simply being "impossible."

Communication is one of your 7 Centers of Personal Power because it either connects you more deeply to your partner, or drives a wedge between you.

And while you may believe your words and actions are crystal clear, loving, and compassionate, the person on the receiving end may not feel the same way. Miscommunication triggers feeling unloved, unheard and unimportant in both parties.

When these emotions direct your next steps, you are reacting from the disempowering states of fear, anger, and rejection. 

I've learned to always answer "yes" when my love offers me a glass of water. 

I also up my hydration when I can't shake that "bad day" feeling. A glass of water is an all natural, no-cost, and side-effect free remedy to turn around a bad day and foul mood from the inside out.  

Tensions high at the office? Lead your next staff meeting or conference calls with the glass of water suggestion:  "Welcome, everyone, I poured us all a glass of water before we start this meeting. We've all been talking a lot today already, let's all drink a quick glass here together first, and then give this meeting our full attention." Simple and no one will suspect your peacekeeping motives!

Like everything I offer, try it first and decide for yourself before passing judgement...I am all about easy simple hacks to energize your 7 Centers and make your day easier, with less conflict and more clarity.  

I find I can't always will away my own irritability and conflict, but I can choose that glass of water to help me balance my internal constitution. 

This works for me and I believe it can work for you too -- Taoist medicine has stuck around these thousands of years for a reason. 

Self-empowerment really is in the palm of your hand - especially when you have a glass of water in it! 


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