Dreams and Dragons: How to Slay the Impossible and Set Your Dreams Free

I had the joy of seeing “The Greatest Showman” Hugh Jackman (also the one and only Wolverine, if that’s more your style!) in his one man show in Philadelphia.

Apart from being totally amazing and entertaining, he shared something profound that I can’t stop thinking about.

He said “every dream has a dragon.”

His dream was to come to Hollywood and be in a movie musical. His dragon was the fact that he was a small boy, half a world away, in a small Australian town…how was he ever going to get to LA and be in showbusiness?

He captured the whole audience with this truth because everyone can relate to this.

Even a smaller scale goal, idea, or desire has a dragon standing guard, making it feel impossible.

Luckily, as I remind my students all the time, impossible things happen in yoga everyday and we can learn from this!

If we let the dragons scare us off, we’d never even get started.   

Here is how to slay the beast:

Focus on the what and not the how.

Using this same example, the what is being in a Hollywood movie musical, the how is the logistics of making it happen. Lots of room for possibilities live between this particular what and how, but focusing on the dragon squeezes out those possibilities and breathes more fire into that dragon.

Achieving dreams requires new ways of doing with radical ideas and choices, so that a different result can spring to life.

How many times have we all set an intention for something and watched it unfold in a totally unexpected way? The universe rarely provides in straight lines, yet the logical mind thrives on that structure for achieving a goal.

How can the same mindset leads us somewhere new? 

Achieving a dream forces us to grow, we can’t see the how because it’s uncharted territory. The next answer only opens up right before that step is required.

The how is revealed over time because we must grow and stretch along the way in order to comprehend these new actions.

Give life to the dream, whatever the scale, and stop getting bogged down by the details, the how. Focus on the what and let the universe provide the how.

It’s just like approaching a challenging, maybe even impossible new posture on the mat. Master the first small moves first. Build the strength, flexibility and endurance, and that next move, which was impossible and misunderstood at the start, becomes tangible.

Picture the goal. Take a first step and trust that the universe will reveal the path in time, as long as we keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Even take a moment now to reflect on past “impossible” achievements.

How did they come to pass? Through vision, intention, one step at a time, and probably a degree of grace, in the form of an answer or resource that was previously hidden and then revealed, making the next step possible and ultimately leading to success.

A focused mind sees no obstacles and finds a way — a new way, and one that must be cleared as we go.

A strong vision of the what lights the to way to reveal the path.

Dragons live in the dark.

Don’t let that dragon steal the dream.

Resources: I write more on achieving the impossible and how to focus on your what instead of your how in my book, available here on Amazon and kindle.


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