The Modern Yogi’s Maintenance Guide in 3 Easy Steps


My husband spent a large part of the holiday weekend doing maintenance at our yoga and wellness studio: painting, cleaning, changing light bulbs, polishing the wooden benches and cubbies. And it looks great! A fresh coat paint can make almost anything look new.

But it got me thinking... What do I do for personal regular daily maintenance, for my whole self, not just my living space? I don’t mean laundry and dishes, Marie Kondo decluttering, or even daily yoga or meditation.

I’m talking about the big picture vision of what I do regularly to nourish all levels of myself: body, mind, and soul.

I've distilled my personal “almost daily” maintenance into 3 bigger categories:

(I say almost because let’s keep it real: some days it just doesn’t happen, and that’s ok!)


I’m a believer that “when you feel good you look good” and when you look good, you feel good! So when the invisible hands of depression or anxiety begin to tighten their grasp, investing in personal appearance is a must.

I know that when I’ve felt my worst, whether because of physical illness or emotional mindset, forcing myself out of bed, into the shower, and into a fresh set of clothes completely changes my mood. Does it solve all my problems? Of course not! But it builds inertia and momentum in the direction of healing.

Across the ages water has been tied to rebirth, regeneration, and a fresh start, cleansed of the past and purified to begin anew. Tap into this energy, do what Rachel Hollis says, and wash your face!


Daily gratitude is a must for anyone who longs to be more, give more, receive more, or experience growth in any part of life. Gratitude taps into the overflowing energy of abundance where more is always possible, and it repels a mindset of lack, which breeds fear and stifles the flow of energy required for growth.

Gratitude does not mean you stop setting higher goals or building your life’s resources. It simply helps keeps you in a positive state of mind where you can acknowledge your current contributions and blessings.

Want to build up your self-confidence and release self-doubt? Increase your gratitude.

How are you acknowledging  all that you already have?

Life Architect Challenge: Share your gratitude with others.


I thrive through adequate amounts of alone time but to really recharge, I need people. Let me qualify that; I don’t actually need to interact with them, I just need to be around them, to see that I fit into a greater existence, that I am one part of a much larger organism.

It’s one of the reasons why I love coffee shops so much. I like seeing that other people are out there, that I am not alone despite sometimes feeling isolated, and that the only thing stopping me from genuine authentic interacts is my unwillingness to be vulnerable first and start the conversation.

For me, seeing people can be enough for me to remember everyone is connected, and that I am here to serve and help as many people as I possibly can with all resources available to me. This inspires me on a soul level.

What does community mean to you? Why types of personal interactions recharge you and how can you be sure to regularly fit them into your day?

Appearance, gratitude, and community are three things I strive to infuse into my day because they offer daily maintenance to help me be the person I want to be. What daily categories do you like to check off to nourish your body, mind, and soul?  

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