The Daily Mindset Sabotaging Your Success

mindset Jan 10, 2019

Why be average, when you can be extraordinary?

Your daily mindset fuels your actions and consistent habits are the strongest determining factor in whether you triumphantly manifest your life design or else sabotage your success. Every single daily action either moves you closer toward your dreams, goals, and desires, or further away from them. Before you can break free from your limiting beliefs, you must first recognize and redirect these sneaky but destructive hidden mindsets sabotaging your success.

1. No Clear Vision.

Without an initial vision, manifesting almost anything is nearly impossible. Energy follows thought, and without the seed of thought to gather and channel momentum, energy dissipates and stagnates.

Begin to craft your vision without getting bogged down by practicalities like time or money. Focus on the what of your vision, not the how. Infinite aspects of life manifest in ways never imagined but provide the end results initially desired.

Starting with a clear picture is essential for manifestation.

2. Lack of Imagination.

Unfortunately, you may be trapped in your average existence without fulfilling your highest potential simply because you lack imagination to dream what is possible and uncover your hidden treasures. Don't worry! Imagination is a muscle and you can learn to flex it regularly with the right tools and guidance.

Employ journaling to ignite your creative spark. Daily Journaling provides the first step toward nurturing a formless thought into reality, while regularly exercising the imagination. Commit to scratching out three pages in a notebook each day. Before long, themes, intentions, and hazy images will re-occur and demand more words to make themselves known. Ideas that were once only subconscious murmurs will begin to formulate more clearly and ultimately jump from the written page into your daily life.

Stream of consciousness writing also clarifies what you don’t want and provides a safe vehicle for recognizing and purging self sabotaging thoughts from your daily thinking.

Pass no judgment on what words hit the page. The act of writing transforms the intangible into the material, making it the first step in actualizing the heart’s desires in the physical world.   

3. Lack of Priorities.

Once a vision begins to take shape from an awakened creative spirit though daily journaling, the next step is setting priorities. Time to examine your day with brutal honesty.

How can you eliminate the daily activities and recurring thoughts that draw you further away from you goals as swiftly and completely as possible, and replace that time, effort, and energy with behaviors that propel you closer toward your visions?

Without rashly quitting  a day job or derailing a major relationship, simply begin to notice where you can start making adjustments and modify your conduct accordingly. The smallest steps create momentum and will begin to move you toward to your goals. 

4. No understanding of the one difference between a dream and a goal.

A goal has a deadline. A dream shimmers in the cosmos with no fast time frame and no firm action plan tethering it to reality. Deadlines pluck your fantasies from the ethereal regions of your mind, root it solidly into your daily mindset, and transform it into a positive objective.

Create small, manageable deadlines to build you muscle of successful manifestation.

The talent for setting and achieving goals thrives under positive reinforcement and small regular accomplishments build confidence in your ability to successfully engineer your life.

Extraordinary living, inside a lifestyle you have deliberately chosen and created for yourselves, is available to you, starting now. No secret, innate genius is required, only the ability to imagine it, and the gumption to initiate it!

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