Yoga Off the Mat and Off on Vacation ☀️

Have you ever heard that you enjoy your vacation the most 3 days before you actually leave?

My mentor shared this idea with me recently, although I’m not sure where he heard it…

He explained that the joy of anticipation culminates three days before departure, and that the actual experience never lives up to the mind’s vision.

I argued that if this is true, then we all need to upgrade our vacay mojo!

However, this week I find myself exactly one month out before I leave for my 3 week Greek adventure and my excitement feels ready to bubble over the top!

(One of those weeks will be spent with those of you joining us on our epic Odyssey to Delphi Retreat Sept 1 - 8!)

I actually considered packing today. Packing, unpacking, and repacking thrills me for weeks in advance of a trip because it draws out the joy! So maybe there is a touch of truth in this 3 day anticipation culmination idea…!

Here are my favorite ways to stay connected in body, mind, and spirit, yet still totally unplugged from my regular existence:   

1. Morning Beach Meditation:

I practice an open-eyed meditation of breath-work and mantra. The scenery is too beautiful to pass up and the calm clear waters are mesmerizing. I count breaths using mala beads with my eyes fixed on the horizon.

2. Practice Self-love and Positive Body Image:

This is a mindset part of the practice I love. Connection to my physical form through yoga posture helps me feel “at-home” emotionally in my own skin.

I channel the confidence I feel on the mat into self-compassion mixed with fearlessness and a touch of reckless abandon while on vacation. A yoga mindset reminds me to shed inhibitions and mitigate self-consciousness. It empowers me to find equal confidence whether lounging in my bathing suit or practicing speaking greek with the locals. 

A strong positive connection to self always translates into honest and open connection with others. Less judgement and more love is definitely the way to go. 

3. Practice the least amount of physical posture to feel tip-top.

I say "the least amount" because the honest truth is I enjoy a yoga sabbatical once a year.

These Greek odysseys are the only time I am ever away from my practice and three weeks is the longest I’ve ever strayed in 18 years.

Taking this planned break from structured practice makes me feel excited to get back into class when I return home to my studio, and grateful to be on my mat again.

To help you discover which posters are the ones you may need to feel your best on your next get-away, check these 8 postures that target digestion in my latest collaboration with First For Women Magazine.

(As always, these postures are not gender specific and everyone can benefit!)

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