Summertime Self-Discovery: How to

Did you feel it? That shift in energy that came in with the Solstice last week?

It happens every year: Summer bursts in and the power of the season is either harnessed or wasted...

What are your favorite summer activities? I bet you already begin to harness Summer's innate energy. 

Summer's Fire Element makes this the season of the tongue! Talking, connecting, being together in community are all signs of living in harmony with the seasonal energy. 

Here's a quick recap of the three key empowerments Summer brings according to time-tested Taoist wisdom: 
  • Physically: Summer Season marks high tide for the large muscles, and the cardiovascular system, specifically energizing the heart and blood circulation and supercharging the flow of your life-force energy (prana or qi). 

This means you feel more awake, alive, and ready for action, and in command of your physical form.

  • Emotionally: Summer is season of the heart's joy, love, and laughter.  

We can strengthen our connections in personal relationships more easily this time of year.

  • Spiritually: Summer is the time for manifestation and union of the your thoughts, emotions, and body! 

Now is prime time to try something new and succeed in bringing a goal to life. 

 My favorite summer activities include connecting with the people really important to me through my love of travel, and making time to channel summer's light energy into a new project just for me, something that reignites my soul-fire and fulfills me from the inside out. 

This may be work-related or a personal project, but either way I'm excited and energized to maximize the bright early mornings and long summer nights. 

Thoroughly enjoying my summer plans for family time, friends, career and personal growth, requires that I manage my time, schedule, priorities and expectations (both mine and others) masterfully, so that I can guiltlessly drop everything that's not important to me so I can give 100% to what really fuels my passion.  

And this summer, I'm sharing exactly how I do that through 2 brand new programs I invite you to check out below. 

Either one these programs will first help you effortlessly cut away what is dragging you down and sucking your time (old mindsets, self-sabotaging behavior and lack of a vision are the usual suspect) and then direct you on how to channel your redefined priorities, goals, and self-discoveries into a vision and tangible action:

The Self-Expression Mastermind is a 10 week, 5 Step Formula to craft and act upon a new vision for yourself.

  • Learn simple action steps to align your daily roles with your priorities
  • Get the tools you'll need to conquer self-sabotage to make the lifestyle you imagine the reality of your day.
  • Only a couple spots remain, so grab it now if you want it!
  • Learn more here.

The Mastermind will fast track results to hit a tangible goal regarding one of your 7 Centers. (We work together to set this goal and bring it to life.)

If you’ve ever struggled with hitting goals you’ve set for yourself or even creating a bigger vision that gets you excited, this Mastermind is for you!



Return to YOU is a 30 Day guided self-discovery process that leads you through the unknown boundaries of the psyche to reemerge with confidence, clarity, and a vision.
  • Kiss self doubt goodbye 
  • Empower yourself to make choices connected to your intuition. 
  • Dive deeper into the 7 Power Centers touched upon at the Solstice Workshop 
  • Learn to activate them inside your daily life, relationships, and choices.
Return to YOU 30 day self-discovery program is perfect for:
  • Any self-prescribed people-pleasers

  • Those of you who are curious to learn more about yourself

  • Anyone ready to transition fearlessly into a new life phase with authenticity, purpose, and passion.

  • Learn more here.
  1. Both programs kick off July 8, are flexible because they take place online within our private membership portal, and include live support and laser coaching directly with me through zoom calls, which also get recorded and hosted inside the portal.

  2. This might be new way of experiencing transformation for you, but I promise it works and fits into a hectic modern schedule.

  3. You have the ability to stay connected live through the calls, emails and membership portal, but you get to access and move at your own pace. I guide you every step of the way so you never have to guess or grope around in the dark for your next step. 


The video below is a live clip from the Summer Solstice Meditation Event hosted by my studio, Steamtown Yoga:

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