Know Thyself: Odyssey to Delphi Retreat

Discover why thousands of pilgrims throughout the ancient world journeyed to the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. Explore, inspire, listen, heal, purge, and connect. You will never be the same again.

Know Thyself..

How much do you really know about yourself until you see new sites, meet new friends, and open your heart and mind to the wonders of the Ancient World?

What a better way to wake up your 7 Centers of Personal Power than to join me in magical Delphi, Greece this September for my 7th international retreat! 

Why Delphi...

I married the “inside track” of hidden gems when it comes to Greece. Yanni, my sexy Greek love, never takes me to routine tourist areas. Plus his family live on a fairly remote island, so I get an a real insider look at this magical land.

We’ve been sharing the beauty of the beaches plus the wonder of the ancient architecture, and the rich history of the ancients gods and goddesses through unbeatable Greek Retreats since 2012.

This fall we are sharing the magic of Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo to those of you who dare to make the ancient pilgrimage.

Upon my first visit to this ancient city, I knew immediately I must host our next Retreat here so others could experience for themselves the depth of senses touched through the ages that I experienced.

The Ancient Greeks believed that Delphi was the center of the world and The Oracle of Delphi, or Pythia, was famous throughout the land. Millions of people from all across the known world traveled to Delphi seeking insight to their innermost secret problems, hopes and wishes from Apollo’s Pythian Priestesses.


Find Your Freedom

Cultivate a new vision of yourself, free from old habits, tired traditions, and outdated expectations.


Reconnect to your body through full immersion in Nature’s Elements of purifying saltwater seas, fire-infused sunshine, refreshing movement of wind in your hair, and nurturing minerals of the earth from local foods. Finally get out of your head where excess thoughts, worries, and expectations call the shots, and connect instead into your heart and soul.

True Calm

Daily meditation takes on new meaning when you wake up to a sunrise across the olive grove. Deeply rooted inner peace melts away anxiety so that you return refreshed and purged of past exceptions, hardships, and regrets. 


Expand your self-concept when you awaken all five senses with engaging new sites, tastes, sounds, and landscapes. If lack of imagination in your own capabilities and personal value has ever held you back from creating your dream job, landing your next promotion, fearlessly loving your partner, or even buying that chic new outfit to reveal the “real” you, this Odyssey is for you! 

Retreat Includes:

All listed day trips and activities below are included but your participation in them is optional.

  • Transportation from/to ATH airport to Delphi accommodations.
  • Accommodations- single and double accommodations available.

  • Life Design Inspiration with Lara, including daily yoga and meditation.

  • Day trip and guided transportation to Athens archaeological sites and museums: Acropolis, Erecthion with Caryatids, the New Acropolis Museum, Sintagma, and the Panathenaic Stadium.

  • Guided tour of the Sikelianos Museum of Delphic games

  • Tour of the Delphic Art Center

  • Daily shuttles to and from the beaches on the Gulf of Corinth (Many cozy beaches are only 15 minutes from town)

  • 3 Meals a day included - At the dining facilities - Before yoga tea, breakfast, light lunch, dinner. (accommodations available for special diets: vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, please inform us in advance!)

  • Greek cooking class with dinner & wine tastings

  • Wine tasting at the Parnassus Winery

  • Delphic Ceremony of Peace and the Guiding the Myths of the Trees: A ceremony where we plant and Olive Tree adorned with a personalized marble plaque so that our intentions, good will, and love, will continue to energize the land and be immortalized in stone.

  • Flights to and from ATH airport are not included

  • Single Room per person: $3378
  • Double Room per person: $2997

Know Thyself Retreat is Full!

Join us in Costa Rica in March 2020.


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