Harmonize, Balance, and Shine! 

As a yogi, you understand that change comes from within…

…but how exactly do you apply a “yoga glow” to a modern lifestyle's endless demands on your time, energy, and spirit?

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Feeling totally connected to yourself in body, mind, and soul is easy when you’re on the yoga mat.

What about the rest of your day, when you need to cope in real time with complicated relationships, a hectic schedule, career choices, and family priorities?

Use this free toolkit to customize your personal road map to better balance and keep your yoga glow shining off the mat and in your day. 

Recognize where energy vampires and self-sabotaging mindsets lurk, disempowering your choices and pulling you further from your creativity, honesty, intimacy, and intuition. 

The simple assessment and step-by-step video will help you restructure your day in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit.

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Repurpose Ancient Wisdom for Your Modern Lifestyle and Reignite Your Body, Mind, and Soul.

My methods will help you translate the lessons learned on the yoga mat and implement them effortlessly into your day. 
Keep your “yoga glow” vibe shining all day long without retreating from your daily responsibilities or compromising your intuition.  

Get results from lessons steeped in time-tested Yogic and Taoist wisdom, modernized to apply almost effortlessly into your contemporary lifestyle.

Discover how to move your practice into the next level of lifestyle immersion without committing to (another) yoga teacher training, quitting your day job, or adding stress to your already complicated life. 

Participate through online trainings, international retreats, mastermind groups, or simply read the weekly blog I send out. Each one is a single-serving self-discovery insight that you can immediately apply to modern living.

Be a better yoga teacher. Be a better yoga practitioner. 

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A 7 Day Challenge to Energize Your Chakras! 

You’ve never experienced a yoga challenge like The 7 Centers of Personal Power Challenge:

Reconnect with “I can!” rediscover “I am!” and confidently repel the energy vampires that drain your hard earned yoga glow once you step off the mat. 

This step by step Personal Power Challenge reveals the clarity, conviction, and confidence required to:

  • effortlessly free up your time so instead of always feeling busy, you feel productive, enlivened, and of service.
  • unlock honest intimacy with yourself first and then in your relationships; break down the invisible walls of isolation that prevent you from tapping your own endless well of fulfillment. 
  • make yourself a priority again so that you have energy in abundance to spend when your hectic, daily responsibilities fill your cup.

This Challenge isn’t about doing more, it’s about being more — in 7 days or less, light up your chakras and find your balance off the mat and in your real world. 

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I Love a Challenge...

"Completing the 7 Centers of Personal Power was an eye-opener!  I have struggled with self-love, effective communication, and finding clarity, as a person who has spent much of life reacting to change VS planning out how to stay on course even in the face of it. I'm now taking the time to lay out a detailed action plan for myself in those areas that most need my attention.   "

Kathy M.
Solstice Empowerment Program Participant

Know Thyself: Odyssey to Delphi, Greece Retreat

A wellness retreat adventure may be just what you need to unlock your confidence and dissolve that self-doubt once and for all.

Join millions of people throughout the ancient world who sought out the Oracle of Apollo for answers to their most burning questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What should I do?
  • How can I serve?
  • How can I heal?
  • What is my next step in life?

Nurture your Body, Mind, and Soul. Reconnect with Your Intuition and Find Yourself Again.

Join me this September as I lead my 7th international yoga and wellness retreat, once again to magical Greece, and visit the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.

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Relax, Revive, & Thrive:

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat 

The perfect mix of yoga, adventure, relaxation, healing massage, and new experiences. Get what you came for, plus takeaway a few unexpected pleasures...

March 21 - 26, 2020.

Only 10 rooms available on this intimate boutique retreat experience!
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Architecture of the Body, Mind, and Soul

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"Lara, I will always remember when you asked us to transform ourselves into someone we wanted to be...That was so perfect. I think the world would love you for it. "

Danielle B.
On Retreat with Lara in Costa Rica

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Use this free toolkit to customize your personal road map to better balance and keep your yoga glow shining off the mat and in your day. 

Recognize where the self-sabotaging mindsets lurk, disempowering your choices and pulling you further from your creativity, honesty, intimacy, and intuition. 

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